Cholesterol Drugs: Should You Use Cholesterol Drugs?

By | August 24, 2014

Cholesterol-DrugsThere is a side to cholesterol drugs, statins, that is much darker than simply a few muscle aches and pains – a lot darker. Make sure you discover the real problems cholesterol lowrering drugs can cause by watching these videos and doing your own research on this site and other sites as well. Get the truth because it could save your life. Now about the videos …

Robert Kowalski, author of “8 Week Cholesterol Cure” and Doctor Mercola discuss why statin drugs are harmful. Dr. Mercola also explains in detail why cholesterol is important. If you only watch one video, choose Dr. Mercola.

Please note that Niacin supplements, as promoted by Robert Kowalski, are different than the new pharmaceutical drugs containing Niacin. Niacin in HIGH doses can also cause potentially lethal health problems and when the drug companies deliver product to the masses it is usually much more harmful than what is available via natural supplements.

It is my personal opinion that the farther one can stay from pharmaceutical drugs the better. Drug companies have the uncanny ability to take health remedies that nature provides in a safe or at least less toxic form and create lethal cocktails with the FDA’s blessing. This holds true when talking about cholesterol drugs.

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Using Cholesterol Drugs? You NEED CoQ10

CoQ10 UbiquinolIf you are already using cholesterol drugs you need to start taking CoQ10 if you aren’t doing so already. This is vitally important because CoQ10 is vital to heart health. Our body produces it but …

If your doctor has you taking cholesterol drugs (statins) to lower cholesterol you need to be aware that one of the BIG side effects, that is NOT mentioned by most doctors or found in the cholesterol drugs literature, is that the same action cholesterol drugs use to inhibit the liver from producing cholesterol also inhibits your body from producing and storing CoQ10.

This is a huge problem and very hazardous to your health. And here’s how important this bit of info is to you. Low levels of CoQ10 are found in the majority of heart attack and heart failure victims and the drug makers know that their FDA approved poisons kill people [5], [6]. Don’t believe me, fine.


If you don’t wish to buy CoQ10 via this site that’s fine but if you are taking a statin drug go now, hurry, to your nearest store and buy some QUALITY CoQ10. Your health and life may depend upon it.

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