Reverse Heart Disease by Reversing Atherosclerosis

reverse-heart-diseaseIf you want to reverse heart disease you must address atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is the primary cause of the most common form of heart disease called coronary artery disease. Coronary artery disease often results in heart attack. To prevent heart attack you must reverse heart disease.

Reverse Heart Disease By Reversing Atherosclerosis

Reverse atherosclerosis and you not only reverse heart disease but also carotid and peripheral artery disease as well because atherosclerosis is the cause of the plaque filled arteries that characterize all three conditions. And so …

By reversing atherosclerosis you lessen your risk of complications such as heat attack, stroke and leg amputations due to gangrene.

If your doctor has diagnosed atherosclerosis (artery disease) you have probably asked or at least thought: “How do I reverse heart disease caused by atherosclerosis?” The good news is there is overwhelming evidence that you can reverse atherosclerosis naturally without toxic drugs or surgery.

If you want to know how to reverse heart disease and atherosclerosis keep reading! Better yet …

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Dr Ornish on Reversing Heart Disease

For over 32 years, Dr. Ornish has been an integral member of medicine’s clinical research community. He is a pioneer who demonstrated for the first time that lifestyle changes could reverse heart disease, even severe coronary artery disease.

If you have heart disease and are not in need of emergency surgery, such as bypass, angioplasty or stent placement, you can reverse heart disease by eliminating the behaviors that have contributed to your condition, and picking up healthy new habits.

reverse-heart-diseaseWHY Won’t Doctors Reverse Heart Disease And … Heal You?

In 2010, the total costs of cardiovascular diseases in the United States were estimated to be $444 billion![1] If you substitute the word “cost” for the words “revenue generated” you have the true picture. The costs were born mostly by patients and insurance companies and those “costs” were received by guess who? Doctors, hospitals, Big Pharma and the FDA.

Mainstream medicine doesn’t want to cure or reverse heart disease. Why would they want to kill a golden goose?

Clogged arteries are BIG business!

statin-drugsIf you have heart disease they prefer instead to feed you expensive, toxic heart drugs in order to “manage” your coronary artery or peripheral arterial disease which will hopefully keep progressing so they can collect any necessary surgical fees as well. Instead of trying to reverse heart disease they actually promote it yet …

I’m a snake oil peddling quack! But …

The guys in white coats called a Nobel Prize recipient in chemistry a quack too (so I’m in good company). When Linus Pauling said he knew how to cure and reverse heart disease medical professionals who “practice” medicine called him a quack. In fact …

Those Against Reversing Heart Disease Have Their Own Sites

quack-doctorThese white coats who don’t want you to know how to reverse heart disease have their own site called Quack Watch. Quack Watch is operated by Stephen Barrett, M.D.

To make sure you understand how evil we snake oil peddlers and reverse heart disease enthusiasts really are he discredits all of us and pints out the damage you could do to yourself by using non-toxic health remedies. In order to accomplish his goal he makes sure to post articles about How Quackery Sells.

Stephen Barrett is opposed to non-toxic remedies that reverse heart disease and all for mainstream medicine’s toxic medications that kill approximately 100,000 U.S. citizens each year[2]  and …

I don’t recall him mentioning that between misdiagnosis, prescription side effects, surgical errors, complications and stupidity the medical profession is able to boast that they kill almost 200,000 Americans every single year in hospitals![3] By the way if you think I am wrong you’ll see the references I used at the bottom.

Want To Learn How to Reverse Heart Disease and Peripheral Artery Disease?

learn-how-to-reverse-heart-diseaseDo you want to know how to reverse heart disease and other forms of artery disease caused by atherosclerosis and regain your health? If so, I urge you to read this blog and get my free eCourse. In my email course I’ll explain to you the simple, safe and cost effective ways to reverse atherosclerosis. It’s information your cardiologist doesn’t want you to learn and definitely something he or she doesn’t want you to use because …

If ALL his or her patients with artery disease found out about these safe, effective, non – invasive methods of reversing atherosclerosis he or she wouldn’t be able to buy their Mercedes, homes in elite neighborhoods and exotic vacations! In fact, if all of the “cash cow” diseases were eradicated mainstream medicine would need to generate another source of revenue. So …

Don’t let mainstream medicine snow you.

You can reverse heart disease and rid yourself of atherosclerosis clogged arteries safely and fairly easily without breaking your bank account, swallowing toxic drugs or reverting to surgery.


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