Reverse Coronary Artery Disease – Can You Do It?

By | May 2, 2013
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reverse-coronary-artery-diseaseAre you able to reverse coronary artery disease? That’s an issue that lots of people, who are suffering from the condition, would greatly appreciate an answer.

To locate a response to the issue I would recommend we turn to people whose remarkable intelligence in scientific discovery enabled these exceedingly intelligent professionals to win the coveted Nobel Prize for his or her efforts because …

Several believe there’s actually an answer for curing artery disease, therefore supplying a response to the issue: Are you able to reverse coronary artery disease?

Nobel Prize Recipients Believe You Can Reverse Coronary Artery Disease

The first one to believe you and I could reverse coronary artery disease, in fact all artery disease, was Linus Pauling. Pauling, a 2 time Nobel Prize champion (one out of chemistry – 1954) was certain that atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease might be healed with two natural substances.

Pauling was almost positive, due to his understanding of chemical bonding, that you can reverse artery disease. He also mentioned the theory that ALL disease could be tracked to the lack of nutrition.

Consequently advocates of mainstream medicine leaped out at Pauling declaring him to be a radical quack that did not understand what he was speaking about. Yet …

Linus-Pauling-reversing-heart-diseasePauling won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his research in to the character of the chemical bond and it is application towards the elucidation from the structure of complex substances. This fact should deem him clearly capable indeed of possessing an obvious knowledge of precisely the strategies by which we should have the ability to reverse coronary artery disease and atherosclerosis or cure it altogether.

Louis Ignarro won the Nobel Prize in medicine (1998) for his work with regards to Nitric Oxide. Ignarro shared the Nobel Prize in Medicine with Ferid Murad and Robert F. Furchgott for that discovery detailing the signaling qualities of nitric oxide. Ignarro also appears to think the response to the issue: Are you able to reverse atherosclerosis? should be a resounding yes as well.

The Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2009 was awarded to: Carol Greider, Elizabeth Blackburn and Jack W. Szostack who made key breakthroughs regarding how cells age. The three researchers all study telomeres, structures that behave like caps around the finishes of chromosomes and safeguard chromosomes when cells divide. Now, Blackburn is studying how diet, exercise and lowering stress may prevent disease as well as reverse damage because of coronary heart disease. Clearly she too thinks that heart artery disease, also called coronary artery disease, can certainly be corrected.

Linus Pauling thought that coronary artery disease, which in turn causes artery obstructions (clogged arteries) because of plaque build-up, was simply an up to date type of the previously known condition – Scurvy. Pauling clearly stated his reasons for his belief along with offering what he thought to be an easy, effective and affordable solution, according to chemical science, to reverse coronary artery disease (remember Pauling is a Nobel Prize winning expert in chemical bonds) . However…

Mainstream medicine didn’t like what Pauling found it necessary to say about his suggested therapy to reverse coronary artery disease and artery disease altogether. And why would they? Pauling’s solution would finish the revenue generation of the veritable cash cow called heart disease. Angioplasties, bypass surgical procedures, prescription medicines and testing all part of a multi-hundred BILLION dollar revenue stream would become things of the past for the majority. Are you able to imagine where mainstream medicine would be, profit wise, if there were no cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, or many other cash cow illnesses?

When one clearly knows the implications for mainstream medicine, that “cures” for major illnesses would create, well, it doesn’t require a Nobel Prize winning researcher to determine why you will find no cures, will it? If society ever becomes aware and understands how you can easily reverse coronary artery disease, or perhaps cure it altogether, there will be a large amount of doctors searching for new methods to create earnings.

Can you envision that nightmare for the economy?

Thousands upon thousands of financially ruined doctors, big pharma companies, hospitals, and the suppliers (trickle down effect). Then there is also the employees of those institutions who would most likely be laid off and thrown into the unemployment line.

When one really sees the ramifications of “curing” cash cow diseases such as potential financial ruin and population explosion it isn’t difficult to understand why there are no cures and never will be. Even IF there were cures for heart disease do you think mainstream medicine would ever admit the existence of safe methods for reversing coronary artery disease? I certainly wouldn’t suggest holding our breath.