EDTA Chelation: Remove Plaque from Arteries with EDTA

By | August 24, 2014
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EDTA Removes Plaque From ArteriesEDTA chelation may be something you should consider if you suffer chest or leg pain due to clogged arteries. Of course if you have been diagnosed with either coronary or peripheral artery disease then you know for sure that your symptoms are from clogged arteries.

You should already know that arteries become narrowed even completely blocked due to the build up of a pasty or harden plaque called atherosclerosis. If you have long standing atherosclerosis you may also have arteriosclerosis, hardening of the arteries.

One of the better, less toxic, non-surgical routes you can take to dissolve artery plaque and increase blood flow is to remove plaque from arteries using EDTA.

EDTA-IV-chelation-therapyEDTA is often used by medical doctors who practice alternative medicine and is usually administered via an IV solution dripped into a patients vein over a 4 hour period.

EDTA chelation is rarely covered by health insurance contracts and costs around $120 per infusion with the average protocol being 20 infusions per patient. That amounts to 80 hours of time and about $2400. Well worth it, considering the alternative; a surgeon stripping veins from your leg, slashing open your chest and splicing your arteries. However …

Another way to chelate with EDTA is to find an oral chelation solution. Oral EDTA chelation, though not near as fast as IV chelation, is far less expensive and you don’t need to sit in a chair for 4 hours twiddling your thumbs two to three times per week until you have finished a series of 20 infusions.

Does EDTA Chelation Work?

For years M.D’s and D.O’s who used EDTA chelation to clean clogged arteries were persecuted, called quacks and even sometimes prosecuted and stripped of their license to practice medicine. Orthodox medicine was deathly afraid of EDTA chelation therapy because it was cheap and patients were doing chelation instead of surgical procedures. This of course threatened a cash cow revenue stream. Now mainstream medicine can no longer call chelation doctors quacks, persecute, even prosecute them because there is proof that chelation with EDTA does work, does clean clogged arteries, does help artery disease patients.

You heard it straight from the doctor’s mouth. An overall 18% reduction in cardiac events with diabetics realizing the most benefit, a whopping 41% reduction in overall cardiac events. Now …

The question I have is what if they did a study with patients who have been diagnosed with atherosclerosis and either coronary artery disease, peripheral artery disease or both yet have NOT had a heart attack? What kind of improvement would be seen in someone who didn’t yet have heart damage from a heart attack? I am betting that those people may see even more significant results; never having a heart attack or stroke or at least a vast reduction in risk!

Does Oral EDTA Work?

Read what Garry Gordon M.D., a noted doctor and author, has to say about oral chelation with EDTA:

“I have taken on patients who were inoperable, who had already had every known form of bypass surgery, until there weren’t any more veins in their legs to strip out to put in their heart. They were sent home to die, and I could get those people back to full functioning. I’ve had doctor friends who wouldn’t take the IV at first, but who now are on oral EDTA, and are able to pass a treadmill stress test that they couldn’t pass for 5 years. I’ve had lots of good things happen with oral EDTA-based supplement programs. ” – Garry Gordon, M.D.

Want to clean out your arteries? Find a chelation doctor and get going. If you don’t have $2400 laying around for IV EDTA chelation you could always go the oral EDTA route. It is slower but far, far less expensive. In fact you buy EDTA right here and have it shipped to your door.

Best Home Chelation Option

EDTA chelationIf IV chelation with EDTA is out of the budget the next best solution is to chelate with this product