Prevent and REVERSE Heart Disease Without Drugs Or Surgery

By | April 27, 2014

prevent-and-reverse-heart-diseaseWho else wants to prevent and reverse heart disease without drugs or surgery? The simple fact is you can prevent and reverse heart disease with knowledge.

When wanting to prevent or reverse heart disease you can become overwhelmed, even confused, by all of the information available on the Internet about reversing atherosclerosis, cleaning blocked arteries and how to reverse heart disease.

Most of it is worthless.

Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

Most information you’ll locate has nothing to do with preventing or reversing heart disease without drugs or surgery.  There’s a reason for that but you’ll need to keep, one thing uppermost in your mind:

heart-disease-revenue-cash-cowMainstream medicine isn’t interested preventing, reversing or curing your heart disease. Mainstream medicine is concerned only with keeping you alive and managing your heart disease for as long as you can pay. By keeping you alive yet sick you are a source of income generation. Alive and ill you can undergo various forms of treatment such as tests, angioplasty, bypass surgery and take costly heart medications. These protocols are BIG business and bring in HUGE revenues.

Heart surgery for blocked arteries, called angioplasty and bypass surgery are both extremely significant sources of revenue for hospitals, surgeons, cardiologists, lab technicians and drug companies. And so …

They don’t want you to die, they want you to live. And the reason they want you to live is for the sole purpose of extracting more money from either you, your insurance company or both. You quality of life is not relevant. Only that you live to undergo therapy is relevant. Once you get your head wrapped around this fact you will then become motivated and able to do what you need to do in order to heal yourself.

healthy life without diseaseImagine life and a world without heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, and other diseases … it would be great for people like you and me but how on earth would doctors, surgeons and drug company executives purchase their fancy cars, expensive homes and exotic vacations?

Now, please understand, there is a place for angioplasty and bypass surgery. In the event a coronary artery is blocked 95% – 100% and has either caused a heart attack or heart attack is definitely imminent,  surgical procedures such as angioplasty, is then a life saving and necessary procedure. But …

What about the person who has mild to moderate atherosclerosis and has time to reverse it before a heart attack occurs? Why not get rid of it and abolish the danger? Ah yes, because we are told it’s impossible! And WHY is it impossible? It’s impossible because, big Pharma hasn’t yet come up with an expensive, toxic drug with which they can bleed you dry!

Are Cures Available for Various Diseases?

FTC-GestopoTaking into consideration the vast amount of “brain power” and curiosity in the science world, I have no doubt. I also suggest that mainstream medicine and drug companies pay to keep those cures, especially if there is no way to extract huge fees for services or medications, from the public. And, if some brave soul decides to expose the truth, they are labeled as “quacks,” ostracized and often reported to the FTC (consumer protection Gestapo). I also believe that when you are able to find quality, life changing information prudence dictates that one take immediate action and give it a try.

That’s why I urge you to read what a former heart surgeon has to say about how to prevent and REVERSE heart disease. You can pick up this extremely rare and valuable information right here.